Themed Party Photography

Just a bit different.

Your Themed Party is the highlight of the social calendar!! You and your friends will have gone to a great deal of trouble to get some great costumes! ……And the photographer turns up with a boring white background! What a letdown!!

But what if you invite Photo-Team to your event? Read on…

Green Screen Magic

Believe it or not, all the images running in the slide show above are ALL shot on Green Screen!

It’s not all done with smoke and mirrors! But it does look like magic. As soon as the image hits out computers, the background is changed instantly. We have had people do a double-take and look back at the studio area, to make sure it was not a ‘Hollywood Background’ they were standing on!!

Choice of Backgrounds

The choice is as big as your imagination! We have hundreds if not thousands of images we could use as backdrops to our green screen system! In reality, we try to offer 3 or 4 on the night (could you imagine the backlog at the viewing station when a massive choice of images could be chosen from!)

Themed Party Planning

We talk to the organisers beforehand and find out the exact theme of the evening. We will create a selection green screen background specifically for your party.


Does your club organisation or company have a Logo? We can incorporate that as port of the overlay. Putting in the date, venue or any other text on the image.


There are a couple of ways we charge. Either the host pays for us to be there and the photos are free, or no charge for attending and your guests but their own photos. If it’s a charity event, we can incorporate a donation to your charity as well. Call us on 07973 705477 to discuss it.

More Information

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