Party Photo Booths

Photo Booth – No! – Better than that!

Our open Party Booth” is a Booth without a box! Yes, all the fun of having your photo taken with funny hats and wigs, but not hidden away, your still in the party!”

We put up portable  studio background to fit the space available and set up our Party Booth for your guests to use as long as you want us to stay.

We will have previously designed an overlay for your party, with your info, image or special message that you want on the overlay!


Then just take photo after photo after photo after photo…..

Just Press the Start button and the Party Booth gives you a countdown and takes a series of photos that are printed out straight away! The only limit is the speed of the machine which is capable of 200 prints per hour! Even group shots, we can go back in to the system and print a a copy for each person!

Our Party Photo Booth prints on to high quality professional photographic paper.

Party Booth – Green Screen

We can even set a magic Green Screen background, where all the images taken go automatically through software and are instantly printed.

Mark – OMG you did such a great job. My friends were completely knocked out by your pics. And I have a great record on my friends and family at my party. Thanx sooooooo much. Harriet xxx

Party Booth Prices

Our basic price is £350 for setting up the booth and an hours worth of unlimited printing!! It’s then £75 per additional hour you want us to stay.

Dates Available

Please phone 07973 705477 to check availability. At the moment we can only do two of these per evening, so its first come……


Party Photo Availability.

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