Green Screen

Green Screen Magic

You have all seen it done on the TV! The weather forecaster standing in front of a screen and the background changes! Well can bring the magic of  green screen technology to your special event! And they wont be any dark rain clouds!!

Green Screen – HOW?

It is not all done with smoke and mirrors! But it does look like magic! As soon as the image hits out computers, the background is changed instantly. We have had people to a double take and look back at the studio area, to make sure it was not a ‘Hollywood Background’ they were standing on!!

Choice of Green Screen Backgrounds

The choice is as big as your imagination! We have hundreds, if not thousands of images we could use as backdrops to our green screen system! In reality, we try to offer 3 or 4 on the night (could you imagine the backlog at the viewing station when a massive variety of background images could be chosen from!)

We talk to the organiser beforehand and find out the theme of the evening, and design a selection green screen background to use. Even if there is no theme and it s a straight forward Black Tie, we can offer a selection of glitzy green screen backgrounds . See some of our most recent images on our Facebook Site


Does your club organisation or company have a Logo? We can incorporate that as a green screen overlay. Putting in the date, venue or any other message on the image.


We charge you nothing for setting up the green screen templates. If there are more than 100 people at your event, we do not charge attendance either. Photos are shown to your guests and are available to buy at only £10 each – printed instantly on our professional mobile mini lab system.

For an event with less than 90 guests, we charge a deposit of £100 with £50 refunded against purchases.

More Information

Click Here to Book Photo-Team to set up a green screen at your event. All your guests will be Walking On Sunshine!

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