ESO Closed

The Pre-Order system is now CLOSED

But you may still be able to have a portrait taken.

Pop into the studio area in the Vestry and speak to one of our staff. We may be able to slot you in. Also, do the same if you would like to order a group photograph




Studio Portraits

Pack A

Pack A £45 


Photos as above plus all Three images as Digital Files

 Pack A + Jpegs £75


Pack B

 Pack B £50


Photos as above plus the image as Digital File

Pack B + Jpeg £65


Pack D

Pack C £95


Photos as above plus Both images as Digital Files

Pack C + Jpeg’s £115

Studio Digital Images

Digital Files

ONE Digital Image £25


THREE Digital Images £60


SIX Digital Images £90


TEN Digital Images £125


Reprint Large

Large Reprint/Individual Portrait 


Reprint Medium

Medium Reprint/Individual Portrait 



Reprint Small

Set of 4 Small Reprint/Individual Portraits 


Group Portraits







Main Group* £25  


Fun Group* £25


Both Groups £40